Upcoming Litters

** We are anticipating new litters of puppies beginning Mid June **


1st Chocolate Male——– Travis S. ( Winterville, NC )

2nd Chocolate Male——- Barbara C. ( Angier, NC )

3rd Chocolate Male——-  Denise C. ( Chapel Hill )

4th Chocolate Male——- Johnna P. ( Hope Mills, NC )

5th Chocolate Male——- Gavin L. ( Durham, NC )

6th Chocolate Male——-  Charli F. ( Burlington, NC )

7th Chocolate Male——-  Henry G. ( Fayetteville, NC )

1st White Male————-  Mason W.  ( Fayetteville, NC )

2nd White Male————  Stephen L. ( Kitty Hawk, NC )

3rd White Male————-  Sue G. ( Wagram, NC )

4th White Male————-  Johnna P. ( Hope Mills, NC )

5th White Male————-  Eric K.  ( Currie, NC )

6th White Male ( from Sunday)— Pamela H. ( Clayton’ NC )

1st White Female———  Angela S. ( Charlotte, NC )

2nd White Female——–  Melissa B. ( Winston Salem, NC )

3rd White Female——–  Taylor C. ( Charlotte, NC )

4th White Female——— Lori R. ( Greensboro, NC )

1st Yellow Female——–  Katie E. ( Wilmington, NC )

1st Chocolate Female— James F. ( Chapel Hill, NC )

2nd Chocolate Female– Susan J. ( Chapel Hill, NC )




Upcoming Litters — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, when is your upcoming litter due. Do you expect any silver males? I didn’t see any reservations for one if so.

    • Thank you for your interest in our puppies. We do not anticipate any silver puppies in the near future ( the next 3-4 months). We will possibly be having a Silver litter the first of the year. We do have a Silver female that we are currently breeding to our Chocolate boy “Earl” that could possibly have a Silver puppy if you would like to keep a check on the website. Thank you again for your interest in our puppies!

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