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Old North State Kennels
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by Dunn Mileham on Old North State Kennels
Our wonderful new lab pup

With much anticipation, we picked up our female yellow (white) pup Sylar the first weekend of May. She was energetic and healthy when we picked her up from Donnie. She's now about 16 weeks old and growing up quickly. We are thrilled with her - particularly her demeanor around kids and other dogs. It's like she was born socialized! We have two boys (11, 9). After some initial (expected) mouthiness, she's settled into an obedient, calm family companion. We sent her for two rounds of training, and the trainer loves having her because she's so eager to learn. When we work with her (sit, place, heel, come, etc), her ears perk up and you can see how much she wants to please and work hard. Thank you, Donnie, for sharing one of O's pups with us!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! We are especially thankful that you are so happy with her and that she has acclimated so well to her new home and family. We do everything we possibly can to make sure that the puppies are well socialized and we do like hearing when it is noticed. I am glad to hear that she is such as smart, social and well rounded puppy! We look forward to more updates and we hope that she shares a long, healthy and happy life with her new family! Thank you for giving her a good loving home where she gets to enjoy children, Labs are a special breed for families.

by Tim Kroenke on Old North State Kennels

We picked up Moses (from Earl and Sage’s litter) on May 1st. He’s a spirited, gorgeous, chocolate with a people-loving temperament. Most who meet Moses comment about what a beautiful lab he is. He learned a series of commands very quickly, loves swimming and fetching, and was crate-trained within 2 weeks. Donnie was very responsive and helpful throughout the process, and his love and respect for his labradors comes across in everything Old North State Kennels does. It’s also abundantly clear his puppies are well socialized at 7-8 weeks through their initial warm, playful interactions with people and other puppies/dogs. This is the third labrador retriever I’ve personally raised and will be recommending Donnie and Old North State Kennels to anyone interested in a well-bred and responsibly-raised labrador.

Thank you so much for such a great review! We are happy to hear that Moses is such a smart, playful and happy boy. We do love all of our Labs and we do like to hear that it shows with our puppies. Temperament is so vital and important and we are proud to produce well tempered and socialized puppies. We do thank you for giving Moses a great home where he gets to swim, retrieve, fetch and just be a happy Lab! Please keep us posted and again thank you and we wish you many happy years with Moses!

by Amy Huffman on Old North State Kennels
Wonderful Experience and Pup

We picked up our snow white boy, "Finnegan" or "Finn" for short in early May, and we are so in love with this addition to our family. From start to finish my experience working with Donnie was wonderful.I called him after seeing an add in the paper, and he was kind, informative and patient with my questions and decision-making process. Once we confirmed and reserved our boy, he sent regular pictures and video updates. When we picked Finn up, he was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. And Finn is an absolutely beautiful lab. He's already grown so much, acclimated to our house really well, and is incredibly smart--he's already learned 4-5 commands, and is nearly potty and crate trained. I would recommend Old North State Kennels to anyone looking for a beautiful labrador retriever. They're a pleasure to work with and really take the time and care to raise beautiful, healthy, well-socialized labradors.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a great review. We are really happy to hear that you are happy with your experience in getting handsome little "Finn" from us here at Old North State Kennels. Getting a new puppy is getting a new member of the family and we are really happy to hear that Finn is such a happy, healthy and smart boy! We are always happy to accommodate new families with pictures, answer any questions and we know the anticipation families have of waiting to take their new puppies home! Thank you for entrusting us for little "Finn" and we hope that you will keep us updated on him. We hope that Finn gets to share many years of love and joy with his new family!

by Felix & Kim Harris on Old North State Kennels
Our Latest Family Member Rusty

Working with Donnie from the beginning was a great experience. He is very knowledgeable, great with communication and passionate about his Labs. I was so excited while waiting for Rusty and Donnie sent me videos and pictures along the way. Rusty was a surprise to our daughters and a great addition to our family. He came home and fit right in with our family. Even after bringing Rusty home, Donnie has kept in touch and answered questions as needed. Rusty has been great with the girls and is learning commands very quickly. He has a great temperament and has done great with potty training.I would highly recommend Old North State Kennels if you are looking for a Lab. Donnie sends them away with love.

I do appreciate the review and kind words Felix and Kim. It was a pleasure to finally get to meet you both when you picked up Rusty. I knew Rusty was going to a good home as eager and excited as you were waiting on the day to pick him up. It was a pleasure to meet your children as well and be a part of them getting to take little Rusty home. We are so happy so that he has fit in well with his new family. We try ( my wife Stephanie esp. ) to spend a lot of time with the puppies to make sure that they are well socialized and happy and healthy. We do thank you so much for entrusting us for your new little guy. We look forward to many updates and photos ( we love to recieve ) of Rusty growing up with his new family. Thank You again for giving him a great home with a wonderful new family!

by Allyn Beam on Old North State Kennels
Couldn’t be happier!

We brought home a white lab “Lily” in August 2019 and she is now almost a year old. This sweet girl has the best temperament of any lab I’ve had or known. She is smart, sweet and playful, very loyal, and is great with other dogs. She is the CHILLEST lab I’ve ever had even as a puppy. Once we got through the teething stage she’s been a dream 🙂 She plays so well with my 5 year old daughter and follows me everywhere. She was trained pretty easily and loves boat rides! Donnie was prompt and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

Thank you so much for the wonderful review and we are so proud to be a part of bringing "Lily" into your family. We are so happy to hear that "Lily" is a smart, well behaved girl. We feel that temperament is most important and take great pride in hearing how calm and chill our puppies are! lol Please keep us updated and thank you for giving "Lily" a loving home!

by Teresa on Old North State Kennels
Wonderful New Addition

Our new puppy is so smart. Stephanie did such a great job socializing our Scout! He is healthy and happy. Working with Donnie was very efficient and easy. We would not hesitate to refer to Old North State!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review and thank you for the compliments. We are very proud of the puppies that we produce and Stephanie spends A LOT of time taking care of them and socializing them. We do like to hear that it is noticeable how well socialized and happy they are. Thank you for providing Scout a great home on your farm and we know that he will have a great life with lots of land and water to roam about! We hope to see updates of Scout as he grows and again thank you!

by Julie Andrews on Old North State Kennels
Honest, knowledgeable and EXTREMELY helpful

I highly recommend Old North State Kennels to anyone looking for their next puppy. Donnie is very prompt at getting back to you from the very beginning. He is thoughtful to give you updates and pictures on your future puppy, as well as giving you tips to prepare for your puppy to come home. When we picked up our boy Obi, he was very thorough in giving information on how to keep your puppy healthy and also the AKC registration. Everything we could ever need was in the folder that he provided us. Donnie is a great help, very knowledgeable, and hospitable. Our Obi is a gorgeous little boy that is extremely smart and has a wonderful temperament. We couldn't be more pleased with him. On our first appointment with the veterinarian, they couldn't stop commenting on how beautiful and healthy Obi is. Donnie continues to check up on us to see how things are going and we greatly appreciate his support. You can tell that he cares for the puppies and has only their best interest at heart. Thank you Donnie for providing us with this wonderful little baby!

Thank you very much for the wonderful review and kind words. We are very happy that you have had such a good experience in bringing "Obi" into your family. We love to hear that our puppies receive such compliments and praise with their first vet checkups. We know that it is a big decision to bring a new puppy into your home and family and we are glad that you entrusted us for Obi. We are looking forward to many more pictures and updates on Obi and we hope that you have many fun years together. Thank you Again!

by Stephanie McFadden on Old North State Kennels
Poppie & Shepherd

Donnie and his family were wonderful to work with! We brought home two snow white labs in March and have been great additions to our family. Both dogs are very smart and have wonderful temperaments. We will send anyone interested in a lab to Old North State Kennels!

Wanted to thank Donnie again for allowing us to purchase our puppies and pick them up two weeks later, even though they were ready to go home. We had a vacation scheduled and Donnie kept them for us with no additional charge.

Thank you again!

Thank you for the review! We are happy to hear that you are pleased with the new additions to your family. We like to hear new families compliment on the temperament of our puppies. We strive to produce smart, happy and healthy puppies. We are always more than happy to accommodate new families with their puppies. It was a pleasure to meet you and your family and we hope that you will keep in touch. We hope that you have many happy years with Poppie and Shep!

by The Bowers Family on Old North State Kennels

We picked up our chocolate lab puppy, Hershey, on February 8. She is the absolute best dog ever. Donnie is extremely knowledgeable and takes great care of his puppies. Hershey is smart, loving, loyal and everyone enjoys her. This is our first experience with a lab and we will definitely be back for another. We highly recommend Old North State Kennels! Thank you Donnie for raising such great babies.

Thank you so much for the great review! We are happy that you gave us a chance to provide you with your very first Lab and we are glad to hear that you are so impressed with Hershey! Labs are a very special breed and she will only get better with age! I hope that she shares many years of love and happiness with her new family! Please keep us updated and thank you for giving her a wonderful home!

by Lisa, Sophia and Co. on Old North State Kennels
Charley Big Boy

We picked up our blocky big boy in February...he was from an unusually small, all male litter born Christmas morning. We waited a long time for this special boy! I had been communicating with Donnie for months prior...cannot say enough good things about him and his family’s approach to breeding. They are #1 top notch...responsive, honest, easy to deal with and extremely dog centric. Our Charley is unbelievably healthy and ridiculously smart...at 3 months he had 5 commands down! I honestly cannot see why you would consider anywhere else other than ONSK. We feel tremendously blessed with having found Donnie who brought us this beautiful (BIG), blocky boy who will be trained to serve...Levine Children’s Hospital here we come!

Thank you so much for the kind and great review. We are glad that Charley is such a good and smart boy! We do try our best to produce beautiful, healthy and smart puppies and we are glad that it shows when they get to their new homes. Thank you again and please let us know how he is received at Levine Children's Hospital. We love to hear that our puppies will not only get to bring joy to their new families but also to those in need. Thank you and Charley both for bringing joy to those in need at Levine Children's Hospital. We hope that you and Charley Boy get to share many years of spreading love!

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