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Old North State Kennels
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by Johnna on Old North State Kennels
Twice the love, twice the fun!

We welcomed Murphy “Murph”, home on Aug. 29th, our chocolate male from Annie & Earl’s litter and the following weekend we welcomed Kilo, our yellow (white) male from Lou & Willis’ litter. From day one, when we called Donnie to inquire about ONSK, through both Annie & Lou’s pregnancies, their births, to even after picking up our pups, Donnie has been right there to keep us updated on their progress, sending pictures and answering any questions. Both Murph and Kilo are gentle, smart & quite curious and even our Vet was impressed with how strong and healthy they are. They’re now 10 & 11 weeks old and both are potty trained, know their names along with the commands sit, come, lay down and stay. Crate training and getting them both on a schedule has been a breeze and both sleep through the night. Although it took some convincing when it came to my husband agreeing to 2 puppies at the same time, now that we have them and we’ve all been doing so well, he’s literally said, “We should get a black one too!” and when we do, we’ll be coming back to ONSK for sure! Thank you Donnie & Stephanie for breeding such beautiful, well tempered English Labs.

Thank you so much for the great review and we are so happy to hear that you are pleased with both Murph and Kilo. Sometimes it can be a bit of an undertaking to get two puppies so close in age but it sounds like they have done fantastic! They are truly close in all of the pictures that you have shared ( we thoroughly enjoy seeing new photos ) and looks like they have not only bonded well with their new family but also each other! We take great pride in our puppies and we are glad to see that it shows not only in their looks but also in their temperament. We do thank you for giving them both a great home and when you get ready for a black puppy we will be happy to provide you one! Take care and the best of luck and wishes with both Murph and Kilo!

by Jeff on Old North State Kennels
My new buddy Jackson

During the much anticipated arrival of my new little yellow lab Jackson, Donnie would send me pictures and videos of the litter weekly showing their progress. It was very comforting to have the regular updates as we approached pick up day. Jackson has been learning quickly and has become my shadow everywhere I go. He is turning out to be a very sweet boy! Thanks to Donnie and Old North State Kennels for raising some great pups.

Thank you very kindly for such a good review! We are truly happy to hear that Jackson is doing so well. Labs truly are a special breed and it sounds like Jackson has really bonded to you. I know that he is loved and spoiled for sure! It was my pleasure to try my best to keep you updated with photos or videos prior to Jackson going home. I do hope that you will keep us updated with photos and comments about Jackson. We would love to hear about how he is growing and the great life he gets to live! Thank you for thinking of us and putting your trust in us for Jackson!

by Barbara Cojocar on Old North State Kennels
Update on 10 week old Danner

We are very happy with and love our little chocolate male, Danner Bladen - born July 6 2020. He instantly adjusted to his new surroundings and family. True to the lab name, he is very friendly to others, both two and four legged. He is a fantastic kennel sleeper and car rider. He is very curious, loves the water, and is getting used to his leash. Thank you for providing us such a cutie!

Thank you so much for the update and the great review! We are really happy to hear that Danner is doing so well. Danner sounds like he is the epitome of what you are looking for in the Lab breed, friendly to all, loving water and very inquisitive. We hope to get many more updates and we hope that you get to share many happy, loving and fun years together. Thank you for entrusting us to get your little boy Danner Bladen!

by James Thompson on Old North State Kennels
10 Month Follow-Up on Angus, Blk Lab

Angus is now 10 months old and is a beautiful black lab with a well-defined muscular body and perfect block-head. He is tipping the scales between 70-80 lbs and every bit of that is muscle. Angus has a mind of his own, very smart and able to figure out rather complex tasks. He is very loving and playful and in desperate need of a White or Yellow Sister or Brother to play with. We are very pleased with ONSK and the help they provided to us and plan on work with them in the future to acquire a playmate for Angus.

Thank you so much for the great review! We are especially proud to hear that Angus is so smart, handsome and it sounds he is an impressive Lab! We hope to hear from you soon about getting a companion and we assure you that you will be equally as pleased! Thanks again and we look forward to more updates!

by Adam and Susan Jones on Old North State Kennels
We love our new pup!

We picked up Isla, our new chocolate lab, from Old North State Kennels just over a week ago. We could not be more pleased with our selection, Isla's easy going temperament and her beautiful lines. Thank you Donnie for being a top class breeder. Laddie, our 1.5 year old Collie loves his new sister. They are having a ball!

Thank you so much for the great review and we are so happy to hear that Isla and Laddie have bonded so well together. It does mean a lot to us to know that our puppies are so well received with their new families. We look forward to future updates on Isla and we hope that Isla shares many years of happiness with her new family.

by Karen Coleman on Old North State Kennels
Great experience

I first want to thank Donnie and Stephanie for doing what they do. We are so blessed to have Ellie join our family. What a sweet girl she is. We are all enjoying her so much, especially her new older sister Sophie! Ellie has adjusted just fine into our family and is already doing quite well with the potty training.
Concerning what we experienced with Old North State Kennels; we could not have been more impressed with how professional and organized the process was. It was obvious that a great deal of thought and care went into the operation. Donnie was extremely thorough when discussing what they had done with our puppy and what we needed to do in the future to keep her happy and healthy. I would highly recommend Old North State Kennels to anyone looking for a puppy that has been lovingly cared for since birth.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I am happy to hear that Ellie has settled in so well with her new family including her new Sister Sophie. We put a lot of love and care in our puppies and it makes us really proud to hear that new families recognize that. We do want to thank you and your family including Sophie for welcoming Ellie into her new home. I hope that Ellie has many years of love and happiness with you all. Thank you again for the kind words and please let us know how Ellie is doing, our puppies are always a part of our family as as well!

by Denise Cooke on Old North State Kennels
Loving our chocolate lab puppy!

Not sure where to start. Such a great experience from first contact to driving away with our new Charlie boy. Stephanie and Donnie, you obviously put a lot of love into not only how you care for your adult dogs and pups, but also the experience you have created for clients - personal, easy, thorough. Thank you so much for everything you two have done to make it possible for us to have this handsome, happy and healthy new member of our family. He was definitely worth the wait!

Thank you for the kind words and the great review! We are happy to be a part of your experience getting your new little guy! We do love to hear that families are truly happy with their puppies and we know that he will be well loved! We look forward to seeing updates and hearing how he is growing! Thank you for entrusting us for your new puppy as we know that is a big decision getting a new member of the family!

by James Locklear on Old North State Kennels

Thank you so much Donnie for making our purchase and selection of our Chocolate Lab, Cocoa very easy and enjoyable. She will be a great addition to our family. If I know anyone interested in getting a Lab, I will definitely refer them to Old North State Kennels, thanks again and great job.

Thank you so much James for you and your family entrusting us for your new puppy. I know that Cocoa has a great new home where she will have plenty of room to roam, swim and be a Lab. We wish you plenty of happy years with Cocoa and we hope that you will keep us updated with photos!

by Dunn Mileham on Old North State Kennels
Our wonderful new lab pup

With much anticipation, we picked up our female yellow (white) pup Sylar the first weekend of May. She was energetic and healthy when we picked her up from Donnie. She's now about 16 weeks old and growing up quickly. We are thrilled with her - particularly her demeanor around kids and other dogs. It's like she was born socialized! We have two boys (11, 9). After some initial (expected) mouthiness, she's settled into an obedient, calm family companion. We sent her for two rounds of training, and the trainer loves having her because she's so eager to learn. When we work with her (sit, place, heel, come, etc), her ears perk up and you can see how much she wants to please and work hard. Thank you, Donnie, for sharing one of O's pups with us!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! We are especially thankful that you are so happy with her and that she has acclimated so well to her new home and family. We do everything we possibly can to make sure that the puppies are well socialized and we do like hearing when it is noticed. I am glad to hear that she is such as smart, social and well rounded puppy! We look forward to more updates and we hope that she shares a long, healthy and happy life with her new family! Thank you for giving her a good loving home where she gets to enjoy children, Labs are a special breed for families.

by Tim Kroenke on Old North State Kennels

We picked up Moses (from Earl and Sage’s litter) on May 1st. He’s a spirited, gorgeous, chocolate with a people-loving temperament. Most who meet Moses comment about what a beautiful lab he is. He learned a series of commands very quickly, loves swimming and fetching, and was crate-trained within 2 weeks. Donnie was very responsive and helpful throughout the process, and his love and respect for his labradors comes across in everything Old North State Kennels does. It’s also abundantly clear his puppies are well socialized at 7-8 weeks through their initial warm, playful interactions with people and other puppies/dogs. This is the third labrador retriever I’ve personally raised and will be recommending Donnie and Old North State Kennels to anyone interested in a well-bred and responsibly-raised labrador.

Thank you so much for such a great review! We are happy to hear that Moses is such a smart, playful and happy boy. We do love all of our Labs and we do like to hear that it shows with our puppies. Temperament is so vital and important and we are proud to produce well tempered and socialized puppies. We do thank you for giving Moses a great home where he gets to swim, retrieve, fetch and just be a happy Lab! Please keep us posted and again thank you and we wish you many happy years with Moses!

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