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Old North State Kennels
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by Will Patterson on Old North State Kennels
Chocolate Lab

We purchased our dog, Lewis, from ONSK in May of 2020. We wanted to wait a few months to write a review so that we could see how Lewis developed. Lewis has been doing great and has been progressing through hunting training. I have taken him on a pheasant hunt and he did excellent. Although ONSK does not specialize in hunting dogs, they have an excellent line that has the drive to hunt and the dogs are very trainable. Lewis loves to please and is always wanting to learn. If you are looking for a lab, I can't recommend ONSK enough.

Thank you so much for the great review! We do love to hear when our Lab puppies get a chance to enjoy a life both indoors and especially outdoors! I am really happy to hear that Lewis has done so well and is still progressing with his hunt retrieving! Although we don't specialize in hunting lines we feel like a well bred Lab is versatile enough to spend time with on the couch, the woods or in the boat. We do strive to provide smart, healthy, well socialized and beautiful labs and it always means a lot to hear that it shows! Thank you again for the update and please keep in touch!

by Cathy McBride on Old North State Kennels

I got Hope last year on my birthday in October and she is Amazing! So smart and layed back. Easy to train and just all around the best dog I've ever had! I will definitely be getting another from Donnie and his family! Thank you for all you do!

It is great to hear from you after a year and we are truly happy to hear that you are so happy and pleased with Hope! Health and Temperament are so important to us and we do like to hear that it shows in our puppies. I'm sure that Hope is spoiled rotten and thank you for giving her a loving home! We hope to see you when you are looking to get her a companion or for another puppy. Thank you and take care!

by Pete & Mary on Old North State Kennels

ONSK is a very reputable breeder with BEAUTIFUL puppies. Donnie was very responsive throughout the process with pictures and videos to keep us updated. Athena is a happy and healthy little girl growing and learning every day. If you are looking for a lab, I would highly recommend ONSK.

Thank you so much for the review and we are very happy to hear that you are happy with Athena! We really appreciate you entrusting us for Athena and we hope that she has a great life and shares lots of love and joy with her new family!

by robert kent atwater on Old North State Kennels

well 2nd visit to vet showed my little man very healthy gained 9 lbs in 3 weeks 4th shot before x-mas otherwise being a puppy curios chewing everything and getting potty trained still great with smiles and laughter and honest frustration on some things BUT wow he is great and look forward to his maturing-growth and continued love of us got him registered with AKC with 3 generation history What a pleasure! thx Donnie Kent Atwater will be 12 weeks old 12/8

So glad to hear from you and especially that Maverick is doing so well! Really glad to hear that the Vet checkups are going great and we wouldn't expect anything otherwise, but we still like to hear it! Thanks for the updated review!

by Sriram on Old North State Kennels
White Male

We brought home our snow-white male JATS on November 7. It’s been just 3 weeks and he is well adjusted to his new home. JATS and My daughter is having so much fun. He is very smart, intelligent, affectioning dog and off course he is very cute (so many people said that to us). We got a very good feedback from Vet. My experience with Donnie from day one is exceptional. Donnie was very transparent and responsive. ONSK puppies are truly amazing, Donnie has lot of knowledge and patience in answering all the questions. Every day when I look at JATS I feel happy, that I made a right choice of picking ONSK. I Highly recommend ONSK and Donnie.

It is great to hear from you and thank you so much for the great review! I am happy to hear that Jats is progressing so well and has fit in so well with his new home and family. We take great pride in our puppies and we do like to hear that their new families are happy with them. I hope that you will keep us updated with many future pictures of Jats and we hope that you share many years of love and joy! Thank you for entrusting us for Jats!

by Meredith L. on Old North State Kennels
Chocolate female

We brought home our chocolate female, Eleanor, “Ellie”, in October and she has been wonderful! We had a great experience with Donnie and can tell he truly has his puppies best interest at heart! He was so thorough and knowledgeable and willing to help out and answer any questions we had! If you’re thinking of getting a lab, look no further!! Highly recommend!! Thanks Donnie! We’ll keep you updated on Ellie!!

Thank you so much for such a good review! It was a pleasure to meet you and your family when you picked up "Ellie". I know that Ellie will have a great life with her new family including the children and "Theo". Thank you for sharing the photo updates that I receive from you and I hope to see many more! I wish your family many years of joy and happiness with Ellie!

by robert kent atwaterMaverick C on Old North State Kennels
Maverick Coach of Foxfire

The amazing fact about Donnie Guy and his wife and daughter are that they care very much of the puppies they raise at Old North State Kennels. I Kent Atwater, a proud owner of a solid white (male) am amazed at how well my little man has fit in our household-amazed at 7 weeks and 5 days the intelligence, temperament and total adaptation to his new surroundings. No Crate yet Just Play, Enjoy, Feed, poop, pee, and just plain love, the experience of smiles-laughter and joy our new little man named Maverick Coach of Foxfire has brought us. WOW, The first trip to the vet for second shot and puppy inspection was perfect and my vet said he's gonna be a great big boy and temperament's great and looking for a long life. I can't express the care and love plus follow-up I received from ONSK. Everyone knows the investment of a pure breed dog ( especially 2k for a solid white) But whether it is black, brown, yellow or white I know personally that these people are Good, Honest, Truthful people that do their job professionally at ONSK. My sincere thanks they allowed me to select my Maverick from them. I graciously thank them for their time and care including medical and just care for their puppies. Again Wow! just like the Nike slogan just do it there is no question they do, sincere thanks Kent Atwater

Thank you so much for a such a great review! After many texts and calls it was a real pleasure to meet you when you picked up Maverick. We are truly happy that you entrusted us to provide Maverick to you and we know that he has a great new home! Thank you for the Vet checkup update as well! We do hope that you will stay in touch and we look forward to seeing many more photos of Maverick! Thank you for providing Maverick a great home!

by Jennie on Old North State Kennels
Little Man Murphy

We brought Murphy (Max and Earl's litter) home a few weeks ago. Donnie was great throughout the process, sending me pictures and videos, and letting us take plenty of time to pick out our little guy. While Murphy is full of energy and already a big boy, he is a very smart and loves everyone he meets. We are told how cute he is every day and people constantly stop to meet him. Our experience with ONSK could not have been better. Thank you Donnie and Stephanie for a perfect pup.

Thank you so much for a great review and we are really happy to hear that you are so happy with Murphy! He is an adorable little guy and we look forward to many updates on his growth! Thank you for entrusting us for your new puppy and we wish you many years of happiness!

by Jeremy on Old North State Kennels
Awesome Experience, Unbelievable Dog

We brought home Duke back in May. Donnie was awesome. He explained everything and was extremely knowledgeable about the dogs. Duke is 7 months now and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is gentle, loving and extremely smart. We get compliments every single time we take him on a walk in our neighborhood. He is beautiful. His coat is amazing and has the blocky look that most people look for in a lab. I couldn’t say enough about the dog or our experience w ONSK. Thanks again Donnie.

Thank you Jeremy for the great review! We are so happy to hear that you are still well pleased with Duke. Duke is truly a handsome boy and we are happy to hear that he is smart as he is handsome! We hope that you will keep us updated and we look forward to future picks of your handsome boy Duke!

by Johnna on Old North State Kennels
Twice the love, twice the fun!

We welcomed Murphy “Murph”, home on Aug. 29th, our chocolate male from Annie & Earl’s litter and the following weekend we welcomed Kilo, our yellow (white) male from Lou & Willis’ litter. From day one, when we called Donnie to inquire about ONSK, through both Annie & Lou’s pregnancies, their births, to even after picking up our pups, Donnie has been right there to keep us updated on their progress, sending pictures and answering any questions. Both Murph and Kilo are gentle, smart & quite curious and even our Vet was impressed with how strong and healthy they are. They’re now 10 & 11 weeks old and both are potty trained, know their names along with the commands sit, come, lay down and stay. Crate training and getting them both on a schedule has been a breeze and both sleep through the night. Although it took some convincing when it came to my husband agreeing to 2 puppies at the same time, now that we have them and we’ve all been doing so well, he’s literally said, “We should get a black one too!” and when we do, we’ll be coming back to ONSK for sure! Thank you Donnie & Stephanie for breeding such beautiful, well tempered English Labs.

Thank you so much for the great review and we are so happy to hear that you are pleased with both Murph and Kilo. Sometimes it can be a bit of an undertaking to get two puppies so close in age but it sounds like they have done fantastic! They are truly close in all of the pictures that you have shared ( we thoroughly enjoy seeing new photos ) and looks like they have not only bonded well with their new family but also each other! We take great pride in our puppies and we are glad to see that it shows not only in their looks but also in their temperament. We do thank you for giving them both a great home and when you get ready for a black puppy we will be happy to provide you one! Take care and the best of luck and wishes with both Murph and Kilo!

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